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175 Anniversary

My wife and I are celebrating 25 years in June of being married.  We have been through a lot together.  We have blended a family.  Two teenage daughters at the best of times are not easy but when they have lost their mother and now have to adjust to the fathers new wife life can get very interesting.  A teenage son has all of it’s own challenges.

Add to this mix a church, who knew the late wife and now they are adjusting to a new pastor’s wife.  Let me tell you that this is not easy.  Then we moved to Hamilton to a church that was in debt and out of date and old and dying.  So 22 years later we are still here and still married and looking forward to retirement.  I will leave but the church will go on.

This is a community of faith that has faced all kinds of challenges over the 175 years of ministry in Hamilton.  Problems more than you can shake a stick at.  Tragedies over and over again.  They lost their founding pastor in the Des Jardine train disaster.  Alford Booker was planting a church in Burlington and coming home by train.

The tower and the wall on Jackson street collapse as they were building the church.

130 plus years of a roof leaking

financial problems with debt

young men lost in both wars

theological issues

worship issues

women’s issues the first church in Canada to have women deacons

This community of faith has had more problems than you can shake a stick at.  They have planted most of the baptist churches in Hamilton area.  The started prison ministries hosted out of the cold and once had a huge Sunday school.

Now we are replanting and rethinking what it means to be a church in 2018 where everything has changed.  Nothing is like it was even 22 years ago.  This is a community open to know what God wants to do in us and through us.  It is a community where grace is received and given not just talked about.  Grace is how we function as a group of sinners.  Every life is a ministry life.

So we are celebrating come join us!

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