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Active Living

Most of us think of active living as people who exercise, they run, walk, swim, bike, dance, play tennis, rugby, football either kind, they play baseball into their 70’s and 80’s.  Active people may do one of these types of activities or a number of them or a combination of just  a couple.  An inactive person is someone we call a couch potato.

Everyone, believes life is better if you are active in some way.  My wife is an active quilter which keeps her mind and body in shape.  Reading and writing is good for us as we age.  Anything is better than nothing including lawn bowling, regular bowling darts and golf etc.

Hebrews 4:12, “For the word of God is Alive and active.  Sharper than any double edged sword” How in the world can the Bible be alive and active.  I have a bible on my desk right now and it is not doing laps around the office, I have never seen it do pushups and it does not play golf with me.  I can’t think of anything less alive than an book.  It is a Book!  Right?

The Bible is more than a book it is a person.  Jesus is the word of God and he is alive and well.  He is alive in human form.  He is active in the world changing people hearts and minds about how to live and how to die.  My life is so different than it would have been if I had never allowed the Bible to change me.  I have learned to give up anger, bitterness, jealousy (still working on this one), power, prestige, and a whole host of other things which would have stolen life from me.

I was raised by two addicts.  Of the five children in my birth family only two have made it out of the addiction cycle and both would give all the credit to the word of God.

This coming week we are going to look at How to Hold firm to the new creation we have become in Jesus.  A very big part of this is realizing that our ability to hold firm is limited but God’s ability  to hold on to us is unlimited.

If you have missed any of this series just go to sermons and you can download or listen the the messages any time.  Have a great week be active in Christ and life will never get boring.

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