An Old Fashioned Evening

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An Old Fashioned Evening

The other night we had an old fashioned evening of having a pot luck dinner and then we played dominoes.  We had bought them a few years before and never even opened the box.  So we pulled out the dominoes from the box, we gathered around the table and off we went enjoying the simplicity of an old game. No sound effects, no special effects and no controllers to try and figure out.  I have never been very good with a controller no matter what the gaming system is.

Dominoes: just these little white tiles with dots on them.  Some of us counted the dots and knew that some had 9 dots, others 15 and some with 3 dots and all the numbers in-between.  We matched threes to threes and 15 to 15. The one who got rid of all their tiles first won.  Left time to talk, to laugh, to plan your moves ahead if you had any (others just matched the colour of the tile with the one down each number had a different colour).

We ate cake, celebrated a birthday and enjoyed just talking about our adult kids and especially talking about our grandkids.

We had a night of being unplugged but totally relational in every way.  Nothing but a old fashioned evening for old folks.

I would like to highly recommend it.  In an age of so much connectedness with the world in our pockets and more information available than we can ever use, it is important to remember that relationships are what will keep you from being lonely. One day your eyes won’t see, your thumbs won’t work anymore and the technology will be beyond what you can cope with. Relationships however, if nurtured over time, will bloom and grow as we get older.

We may be the last generation or two who knows what it is like to play disconnected from the internet.  A generation that actually plays with others and likes to be in the same room at the same time; touching a tile that is real.

Ok, so what?

Relationship are important.  They help us learn social skills, they help us to grow and change, to learn to love and to tolerate others.  The human touch is healing, or it is restraining if it need be.  The human look can be reassuring or it could tell you that it is time to stop, leave or that “you should come and rescue me form this conversation”.  I never learned these truths from being plugged in and blowing something up.  I know for some of you it is great fun and once and a while I venture into your land of fun.  If I were younger I might have mastered it.

Every single one us us is a relational creature.  We need each other!  We need to hear a voice!  We need to be touched!  God made us that way.

From the time we are born, we love to be held. We love to cuddle with our mom and dads.  We love to crawl up on a lap and fall asleep.

Jesus lived at a time of high touch and low tech.  We live in a time of high tech and low touch.  Yet we still have needs.  Jesus is always available to hold you, to listen to you and to go with you.  When we get tired he gathers us up and carries us to the next place in our lives.

Games are an old fashioned way to get our relationship needs meet.  A Faith Community  is a way to get our spiritual relationship started, sustained, renewed and encouraged.  In a Faith Community you encourage and are encouraged.

Take time to stop and enjoy an Old Fashioned Game Night and then set aside time to find a strong Faith Community that is High touch.  You will hopefully find Jesus there and find rest for your soul


Come to me and I will give you rest—all of you who work so hard beneath a heavy yoke. Wear my yoke—for it fits perfectly—and let me teach you; for I am gentle and humble, and you shall find rest for your souls; for I give you only light burdens”


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