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Jell-o like Jesus


Calvin Miller says that we have entered an age of gelatine, low-calorie Jesus.  Jell-o is very receptive to all kinds of additives.  You can put chocolate in your Jell-o. Kids like that and so do I.  My grandma always added fruit cocktail to our yellow, which I have not had in a very long time.  Might be time to make some.  Whipped cream is good with Jello.  Apples, grapes, blueberries, strawberries the fruit of love just to mention a few.

Miller is suggesting that we really don’t know who Jesus is and so we make him to into something that fits with everything.  We have blended Jesus with the ecumenical wallpaper.  We just don’t talk about Jesus anymore because he is offensive.  Jesus claims he is the only means of salvation (Acts 4:12, 1 Cor 3:11, Rev 5:9).  Jesus claims he is the gate and the only access into the presence of his father. (John 14:6)

Like Jell-o, Jesus has only the content of whatever we throw in with it.  If you like fruit then your jell-o will have fruit in it.  If you prefer whipped cream then your Jell-o will have whipped cream and maybe some nuts.  You decide.

We no longer talk about heaven and hell.  It is a long time since I heard anyone say that hell is an issue other than they feel like hell or my boss made my life hell.  But just about everyone in the world does not believe that hell is a consequence of rejecting Jesus.

There are times that I am asked to pray in public like at a breakfast or at a dinner for the Y-guys. We have Muslims, Jewish men, David calls me Don the Baptist and I call him Moses, we have Hindus and men who are atheists.  When I say grace I ask a blessing in Jesus’ name.  They all understand that if they ask me to pray that is what they get.  If David prays he prays to God. My Muslim friend prays to Allah.

Yet there are places that want me to leave out Jesus and just pray to God.  The Jell-o kind.  You add the flavour.  I simply can’t do that.  Just like I still talk about hell and heaven and the fact that only those who invite Jesus into their lives will avoid hell.

I simply don’t have a Jell-o kind of Jesus.  My prayer is that you will not either.

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