BAPTISM SUNDAY – September 11th

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BAPTISM SUNDAY – September 11th

We have a baptism coming up on Sept 11 and will be holding it at Jeff and Jessica Finochio’s home, in their backyard, at 1030 am

If it is raining then we will revert to the Hamilton Spectator and rebook the baptism for an indoor one. Anything outdoors is a challenge. Pray that we will be successful in having this service and blessed by the faith of each person being baptized.

Everyone needs to bring their own lawn chair. If you don’t have one check with some of our other church family members, they may be able to bring one for you.

We are celebrating this baptism with a pot luck meal after the service. Everyone needs to bring their own:

-Eating utensils – a fork, knife, spoon, plate cup your choice of paper or plastic no glass please around the pool
-Beverage of your choice—again no glass bottles
-Food if you are 18 or older please bring a dish of something that can be shared that is easy to serve and is cut up in small, bite size portions so that everyone can get a small bit of it. If you need to keep it cool then please bring it in your own cooler that you will take home with you. You also need to bring a serving utensil for your dish (tongs, serving spoon, spatula etc) Bring this food already cut and ready to serve. Do not bring anything that you need to prepare while you are there or heat up etc.

No nuts in any food in any form please as we have one person in our midst who has a severe nut allergy. This includes cooking oils that may contain nuts as well such as coconut oil.

We have never done anything like this before so it will take all of us to make it successful! If you don’t have a cooler ask around to see if you could share one with someone else. We have a couple of coolers that we could bring there is a need. Let me and others know.

You will be getting a reminder of this event again. Put it on your calendar and make it a priority.

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