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We as a community of faith were once a Cathedral church.  It was big and beautiful, majestic, great organ, great acoustics, amazing history.  I loved that old building and it was my home for 18 years.  But the congregations could not afford the building and they could not afford the repairs which would have topped out at over 10 million dollars.  So it was sold.  Gone, torn down, something else will go there in its place.

Any man made cathedral is going to eventually come down.  No matter how beautiful or how loved they will all face ruin.  Maybe not today but someday.  All the great cathedrals of Rome will die.  We will  lose their beauty and their history.  Maybe not in my generation but somewhere down the line.  If decay does not get them then a natural disaster like floods or earth quakes will taken them down.

As I have spent some time thinking about this I came to realize that every person is a cathedral.  Each person is beautiful, they are majestic, they are far more complex than we ever dreamed.  Humanity is the home of God.  He chooses to create man in his image and then he lives in us through the spirit that is breathed into us at birth.  He then really takes up residence when we let him come into our lives by faith in Jesus Christ.

Jesus has defeated death and destruction by dying on the cross and coming to life again.  Our hope is that we will be raised with him at his second coming.  Our old church was destroyed and will never come back.  All of humanity has the privilege based on the love of God of being resurrected.  Human cathedrals never die.  They only get better and better.

I am writing about this because I have been doing a daily devotional called Tenth Avenue Cathedral.  It is an excellent devotional that covers 14 days.  You can find it in the You Version app.  I highly recommend the app for your iPad or phone.  If 14 days are too scary they have then for 3-5 days.  Start light and work up.

Remember today no matter what happens you are God’s Cathedral you are beautiful beyond description.  God loves you and his grace covers all your sin.

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