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Christmas Hope

My wife is into again!  She has begun the ritual of watching all the Christmas movies they put on the Women’s channel, the sappier the better.  She can watch these Christmas movies all day and night.  In fact we were in Florida last year and they had a special Hallmark channel that only had Christmas movies on it. 24 hours a day for the whole month of December she was in her glory!

Why because the idea of Christmas gives us hope.  Even people who don’t believe in God hope that the message of peace on earth might be possible.  We want to believe that the war, the suffering of the poor, the abuse of women and girls all over the world might come to an end and all of us might come to our senses and stop all the terrible things that we do to each other.

Children hope that the divorce their parents are seeking might stop and that they might get back together again.

Soldiers 1000 of miles away from home hope that they can go home leaving the war zone in peace.

Parents of run away children hope that they will come home and there will be a Christmas miracle.

The cancer patient hopes that the cure will be found this Christmas.

The pregnant women hopes that her child will be born soon because she does not know how long she can take this pregnant things any longer.

The parents of a child in Jail hope this is the year that their child will come to their senses and come out of jail a decent human being full of love and never again steal, do drugs or kill again.

The rape victim hopes that they can be healed of the pain of that experience.

The mental health patient hopes that the voices in their head will go away and they will never again have to end in the hospital.

Christmas is commercial, people spend money buying presents that they hope will soften the pain of living in this messy world and bring joy to the ones that they love.

Hope is the message 0f Christmas for all people no matter what they believe or don’t believe.  All of us need hope and want to hope that love is real and that peace is attainable and that fairness will finally be available to all, no matter what their sex, colour or religion.

Paul gives us these words in Roman 5:5

“And this hope will never disappoint us, because God has poured out his love to fill our hearts. He gave us his love through the Holy Spirit, whom God has given to us.”

My hope is that this Christmas hope will result in love flowing into your life in such great qualities that it will spill out all over those around you.  Start hoping today by loving those around you and the more you love the more love that you will get.

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