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Cold Feet

I have cold feet!  Once I get cold feet it is hard to get ride of because I am old.  I get cold feet every time I wear sock that are the wrong type for me in the winter.  My wife tells me that it is because my socks have too much nylon in them and it holds the sweat in.  I never thought my feet sweated but I guess they do.
Amazing what you will learn and how your body changes as we age.

Cold feet is also an express we use to describe people who make a decision and then change their minds at the last minute.  We say the bride got cold feet or the groom did and called the wedding off. Someone climbs the big diving tower at the outdoor pool, they get to the top and look down and can’t drive in they just had a case of cold feet.  In this case it is caused by fear.

There are times that I get cold feet when I am out snow blowing in the dead of winter and it caused by extreme cold like -40.  The only solution to that is to take a hot bath or jump in the hot tub which is the one I like except I have to clean the snow off of it first.

Cold feet is a symptom on of something else happening.  It could be



poor clothing





There are times that I get cold feet when walking with God.  I sense that God is leading me in a certain way and I hesitate or don’t do it.  I sometimes get cold feet when he asks me to love my enemies.  I really don’t want to do that.

The bible tells me to turn the other cheek and I get cold feet thinking that if I stand up to this bully he will go away.

I get cold feet when asked to go the extra mile.

I get cold feet when I am asked to give up my rights to serve others.

I get cold feet when I am asked to be a servant leader because I want to be popular and I want the praise of others.

None of the things that the bible ask of me can I do.  I get cold feet every time.  Some how I think that God’s son died to save me from hell and then I have to spend the rest of my life earning his sacrifice.  This is just very bad thinking.  John 1 says:

12 But to all who did accept him and believe in him he gave the right to become children of God. 13 They did not become his children in any human way—by any human parents or human desire. They were born of God.

If he could give me this grace so that I can be born of the Spirit don’t you think he give me grace to every time I get cold feet.  I have been born of the Spirit and am being made in the image of Jesus by the power of the Spirit.  So relax about your cold feet when it comes to God.  It is not your problem but his.  Luther was right we should go out and sin boldly until we are convinced that there is no end to his grace.

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