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Collateral Beauty

I finally got around to watching the movie Collateral Beauty.  It is a great movie.  It is somewhat a take off of Dickens A Christmas Carol.   There are three spirits of parts of the Universe that visit Howard to help him come out of the painful loss of his daughter.

Howard in a business speech say that the answer to the big question of Why is Love Time and Death.

“Howard: Life is about people. At the end of the day, we’re here to connect love, time, death. Now these three things connect every single human being on earth. We long for love. We wish we had more time. And we fear death.”

Most of us would agree with his understanding of the why of life.  As a follower of Jesus I have come to realize that Jesus is love and he never runs out of it.  No matter how much I might need he has enough for me and for all the people of this world.  We are all needy.  We are all wanting love and the only place where we can get enough love is from Jesus.  Money can’t buy you love.  But asking for it will get it given to you.

We are given this gift of time and we should not waste it.  I come to realize that I have spent far too much time on the here and now problems.  I made rising the kids a job when it should have been fun.  I somehow make being a husband a job and it seemed I could always be a better husband when I should just have enjoyed every smile and wrinkle on my loves face.  Following Jesus has liberated me from all my performance guilt.  Jesus promises me that when I am weak he is strong.  Failure is the back door to success in Jesus new Kingdom.  I am grateful everyday for his strength and his taking the mess of my life and doing something beautiful with it.

Seven years ago I was told that I had stage three cancer.  Following Jesus saved me from being angry my life might be cut short.  Following Jesus gave me an understanding that time at death as just the beginning.  I was ready to move into eternity and so being sick was one of the most stress free times of my life.  Just a couple of years ago I was hit by a car on my Bicycle.  I was ready for death no problem.  I did not want to die but it did not scare me.

I am grateful for this beautiful movie because there is a lot of collateral beauty in the world that we will never see until we let go of trying to increase of love, time and avoiding death.  Some of the most precious moments have come when I stopped and accepted all that was happening then I could see the beauty.  Don’t miss the collateral beauty of this world by trying to hold on to it.  Let it go and follow Jesus then you will see how amazing the world is.

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