A Dark Road to Travel

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A Dark Road to Travel

We are half way through January and have February to look forward too.  These are darks months.  The days are short the sunlight is rarely seen.  It is cold and windy and snowy.  Our spirits are down.  We want to run away from the cold and snow (hence the Canadian Snowbirds designation) to some where warm and with a beach.  Florida, Cuba or any other place south will do just fine.

We as a community have been walking a dark road with our good friend Bec, who died today of cancer.  Our hearts go out of her family especially her children that they will see the the grace and Love of God in this dark journey.

A fellow Pastor that I know is going down a very dark road with his wife who has cancer.  This is not his first journey on this road.  My heart breaks for him.  I know it will be impossible to face this kind of heart break with out the grace of God’s strength for them.

Many seniors who have been sick seem to die at this time of year.  Those who are sick become sicker, their strength vanishes, and families mourn.

In a world where we are glamorizing the right to end your own life over and over again I see the ending of a life as an opportunity for love to triumph.  Bec’s family has come to her aid.  They sing to her, they massage her feet they sit up with her in the night when she can’t sleep. They advocate with the doctors and nurses.  They remember the wonderful days they have had together.  Grace flows all over them and around them and leaks out on anyone who comes by.  Bec’s hospital room became holy ground.  Death is the final frontier for all of us.  Facing it alone is worst than a windy cold January or February day.  Walking this dark road with family, friends, the Holy Spirit and God’s love is a wonder.

John 12:24 Very truly I tell you, unless a kernel of wheat falls to the ground and dies, it remains only a single seed. But if it dies, it produces many seeds.

I pray that Bec’s death will encourage us to let Jesus walk with us down all the roads we find ourselves on so that on the day we walk that final dark road we too will leak his grace all over everyone.

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