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Family Ties

Family ties can be close or not close at all.  I have very little ties to my Father and Mother’s families.  I have no idea what my Father’s Father’s name was or when my parents were born. I know my Mother had one brother but I have had no contact with him in 30 years.  I not sure how many brothers and sisters my Father had and I have only meet a few of them.  The rumour is that there were 19 children in his family but I don’t know that for sure.   This makes it very hard to research the family tree. There are millions of people who experience the same kind of lose family ties that I have with my parents.

I really do not want that kind of connection with my own children.  I have had to learn how to keep the ties strong.  I learned to call them regularly, to face time with them, to take an interest in what they are interested in.  We work very hard to never be critical of their partners to always find the good in them.  I learn to listen to their struggles without having to fix it.

I like to think that we have close ties even through we are spread our around the world from Canada to Turkey.  The world we live in makes it easier to communicate over huge distances.  Travel is easier.

No matter how little I know about my family I am still part of that family.  Someday a person will hunt me down to tell me that they are doing the family tree and then I will learn a lot.

It does not matter what you know or don’t know you are family nothing can change that.  For those of us who do not have family to support us life can be very hard.  There are times we feel jealous of those who have supportive and encouraging family around them.  We are forever part of our birth families no matter how they treat us.

I am amazed that there is a another family available to all of us.  It is the family of God.  Everyone is invited to join this family.  There are no second class family members, non who are unwelcome, none who are treated as if they did no exist.  God invites us to be his family, we might not always get along with each other but God breaks down the barriers, unites us in his love.

35 Now a slave has no permanent place in the family, but a son or daughter belongs to it forever. (Jn 8:35)  We are his sons and daughters forever and ever.

If you are struggling with family, not enough family contact or too much contact there is a perfect family waiting for you.  Once you join you will never be disappointed.


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