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I am finding that I forget more and more as I get older.  There are things that it is good to forget, like anger or jealousy or the hurts that people have put on you.  Forgetting these kinds of things are hard to do, we know we should but we rarely let go of them.  It is a blessing to know that with age they are wading a little faster than they once did.  I don’t have the energy to keep them all straight any more.  Plus there are a lot more things to take up brain cells.

All though my life I have been able to remember the bad and too quickly forget the good.  It seems like the bad is so much louder and powerful.  The good things happen and then they fade very quickly and I wonder if people have forgotten me or if God has forgotten me.  This is compounded by something happening that I don’t like and I cry out why have you forgotten me.

It is like nothing good has ever happened in our lives, we forget the beauty and the wonder of blessing almost as they happen.  We keep saying what have you done for us lately.

Israel was always forgetting the good things, God had done for them.  As soon as they were out of trouble they forgot about God and went back to what they were doing before.  Israel’s not the only one doing calling for help, getting that help and then forgetting God, I constantly do the very same thing. (Hosia 11: But the more they were called, the more they went away from me. x They sacrificed to the Baals and they burned incense to images.

Churches forget how God has helped them reach out and once they are able to pay the bills and do some things to fix the building they are back to fighting over stupid things like the colour of the carpet.

Nations call out to God when a great tragedy happens like what has taken place in Houston, very one says they are praying for the safety of those suffering.  We pray a little bit and then we are off doing our own things.  Houston will survive and soon they will blame God for the mess.

Holding on to the good, not forgetting what God has done, reminding yourself this too will pass will change you life.  Instead of bitterness you will have joy.  Instead of the poor me’s you will be looking to help others.

I encourage you to forget the bad and hold on to the good it will change your life for the better.

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