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Getting into Trouble

I was very good at getting into trouble at school.  It came very naturally to me.  No one needed to teach me how do to it.  I read no books on it and did not go to seminars about getting into trouble.

My problems is that I don’t get into trouble all that often anymore.  I settled for nice and nice can be very boring.  Nice is neither cold nor hot and that does not go over well with God.

We been studying Psalm 20 where David says

20:1 May the Lord answer you in times of trouble.

May the God of Jacob protect you.

2 May he send you help from his Holy Place.

May he support you from Zion.

David learned that when he was in deep trouble God would come to his rescue.  He saw God work when he faced the lion as a shepherd.

When he went up against Goliath with a slingshot and a few stones he trusted God and God showed up.

All the battles against the enemies of Israel he depended on God and he never failed.

All during the conflict with Saul who wanted to kill him he trusted God and he delivered.

There are many more examples in David’s life.

Are there any in your life? There are in mine!

As a student down to the last few dollars God sent provision of food and money.

We had an car accident when we were pregnant with our first child and pray that he would spare this child’s life and he did.

God has guided us across the country and back never failing to make things exciting.

Again I ask you when was the last time you were so in trouble that only God could rescue you?

Been a long time.  Tired of the same old same old.  How about praying that God will bring enough trouble into your life that you will have to trust him!  I know he will never fail you.

Your life will be exciting again!

You will  wake up to his wonders and worship (5-6) will take on new meaning and generosity will set you free from stuff.  Don’t believe me read verses 3-4.

So go out into the world get into trouble I dare you in fact I double dare you!  Trouble will lead you to God’s love and provision.

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