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Good Friday

My entry into following Jesus happened just before Good Friday.  The raw emotions of finding out that God loved me and wanted me to be part of his family were still so new, so true, so amazing to me.  Good Friday was a new experience for me.  I knew about the day we did not have to go to school but church was not part of my growing up.

My first Good Friday anchored my faith in Jesus like nothing else has ever done.  Jesus being arrested instead of me.  I deserved to be arrested, I was a thief, and a liar Jesus was none of these things.  Jesus healed people Jesus loved the marginalized people like me.  Poor forgotten and unimportant to the world Jesus died for us.

Jesus was beaten instead  of me.  I deserved a good beating.  I was a mouthy kid, mean to others, full of rebellion, selfish, cruel, vindictive, lust for money and sex dominated my thoughts.  Yes I might have benefited from a strong whipping.  Jesus did not deserve to be whipped he would not even speak back to those who wanted to harm him.  He showed compassion during his arrest to the slave who lost his ear by putting it back after it was cut off.

Jesus was mocked.  I was mocked as a kid mostly because my mouth got me into trouble.  I would brag about being able to do something and then could not deliver so the other kids mocked me.  I got mocked for wearing a pair of golf shoes to school that I had picked up at the Salvation Army thrift store.  I was so poor I had no idea that they were golf shoes.  I thought they were cool and made a cool sound on the school floors.  Jesus did not deserve to be mocked.  Jesus always did want he said he would do.  He healed the blind, the leper, the sick, raised the dead and made outcast feel loved.  Jesus did not need to be the centre of attention like me.  How do you mock someone like that?

Jesus was beaten over and over again then made to carry a cross.  He was given a criminals death.  I was a criminal who in Jesus day could easily have been crucified for stealing.  Instead Jesus died for me.  He was no criminal.  He was the Son of God.  Jesus was love.  Jesus was kindness.  I was none of these things and still am not.

Jesus was crucifed on a cross.  I was not even though I deserved to die.  I still deserve to die I am still unworthy of his love and forgiveness.  I am still in wonder Jesus loves me enough to die for me.

Good Friday is an amazing day every year for me.  There are days when I doubt myself, I doubt my call, I doubt my there is any goodness in this world, I doubt anything I do makes a difference.  On those days the only way forward it to once again come to the cross focus my faith on Jesus, give him my weaknesses and let his love wash over me.

Good Friday never fails to deliver for me I hope you will experience the best Good Friday of your life this year.

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