Hurricane Season

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Hurricane Season

It has been a rough month for those who live in the Southern USA and in the Caribbean.  Irma’s destruction is widespread and devastating.  One can only be grateful, there were so few deaths in the face of such violent weather.

Now we face clean up, the meeting of everyday needs like fresh water, simple food, shelter, restoration of electrical power to millions of people.  Travel difficulties and massive cost to fix and repair infrastructure.

We can respond that it is not my problem, let them fend for themselves.  One of the dangers of living in a place where there is no winter and no snow.

Or we can respond with compassion and help.

Ontario is sending electrical workers and trucks to work on restoring power to people in Florida.

There are Canadians who are traveling to Houston to help with clean up.

A Canadian relief agency has housing that is simple and adequate for the short term for those who need shelter and these are being send and trainers are going to help them set them up.

Our government is going to send relief.

Is there more that we can do?  Absolutely!

We need to give generously.  A Houston Oiler football player by the name of Watt raised 30 million to help the people of Houston.  Many who did not have insurance.

I doubt that I could raise 30 million.  I could give 50 or 100 to help those in greatest need.

The real question is who needs it the most and how can we deliver the help in the most effective way?

Difficult questions to ask.  Yet they have to be asked. I am praying for wisdom to know where we can give get involved and be most effective.  We can pray for people to open their hearts to help those around them. We can pray that evil people who see the opportunity to make a quick buck will be restrained.  The saddest part of all the destruction are those who loot and steal while people are suffering.

Hurricane season come and go.  Most of the time they never make it to land.  Many Hurricanes make a lot of wind and rain but very little destruction.  They remind us that we are tough and weak all at the same time.

They tell us that life is precious and shorter than we thought it might be.

Hurricanes tell us over and over again that we are in control of nothing in this world.

Hurricanes remind us of how powerless we are and how powerful we can be when we respond with love and compassion.

Hurricanes humble humanity.

Hurricanes remind us of how much we need God in our lives.

Romans 5 reminds us of how much he loves us, But God demonstrates his own love for us in this: While we were still sinners, Christ died for us.

Hurricanes are not wanted, they are scary and destructive but if they awaken our need for God, they might help change of the world one person at a time.

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