Is God Fair?

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Is God Fair?

Is God Fair?  I certainly hope not!  If he were fair I would be judged a liar, a thief, a murder, a rapist and a greedy vindictive person.  Jesus said if I even think about some of this stuff I am guilty of it as if I had done it.  Well I am a man which explains most of it.  Guilty: should be punished!   If God was wise He would have nothing at all to do with me.  Neither would you!

But God is not fair!

He hangs out with the wrong people.  (Like me)

He loves the wrong people.  (Like Me)

He heals the ugly people and lets the beautiful people suffer.  (like Me)

Those who have no talent he loves and the talented person goes without him.

He loves the liar and the con artist

He loves the criminal

He loves the mentally ill

He loves the physically ill

You see God is not fair!  He has none of the values that I have.  I want to be with good people, with the rich, with the morally sound, with the beautiful people and with the talented people.  I want to be with the right crowd, Know the right people and do the right things.

But I can’t.  I am a liar.  I wear all kinds of masks to hide the real me.  I fool you sometimes and you fool me sometimes.  But the truth is we are all less than perfect and we care far too much about self.

Christ once spoke these words to Teresa of Avila in prayer: “‘see yourself in me.’ When we find ourselves in Christ, we start to find Christ in ourselves and in each other”

The wonder of wonders is that Christ would want anything to do with me let alone take me into himself.  2 Corinthians says; “Therefore is anyone is in Christ the new creation has come and the old has gone, the new is here.”( NIV)

If we could get over ourselves and the lies that we live, admit that we can’t fix this mess of a world or our own little corner of the world then Christ will take us in and we will become totally new.

We get millions of retries because he loves us.

We get millions of moments of anger because his grace covers us.

We get to love another day because of his mercy.

So Is God Fair?  NO NO NO I certainly hope not, for all of our sakes!

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