I spent a month in the Southern United Sates the weather was beautiful.  Christmas day I spent time in the pool and the hot tub.  It was unlike any Christmas I have never experienced.  Then we came home and January hit.  I come to the conclusion that I really don’t like the cold.  In fact I begun to hate the cold.  I like Sunny days and warm weather.  I can even take liquid Sunshine rather than snow.

January is cold and to go out side it requires boots, hat, gloves, scarf, and a coat.  I have to scrape the windows in the car and put on the seat warmers, the steering wheel warmer and the defroster.  January is a lot more work that June.  I wear shorts and no socks, t-shirt and a hat to keep the sun off.

There are times when my heart is as cold as January toward God and the things of God.  When I turn my back to God there is a lot more work to do to get back to a place were my heart is soft, warm and willing to serve him.

I need to spend time in the word even if I don’t want to.  I have really come to appreciate the Youversion and the many devotional tools they offer.  This one gets you into the word of God in a discipline way.  I am right now studying prayer under Timothy Keeper and only need to make a 13 day commitment.  It reminds me to do my devotions each day of the study.  I then can take a break or do another topic.  If you have never used this bible app I highly recommend it.  It is free.

I then take time to write in my journal and to pray for family, friends and people who have special needs.  It gets to to focus outside myself .  Developing a concern for others makes me softer towards God.

During the day I try to keep people before god in mimi prayer times.  As I wait in a line or at a stop light, while I am on hold, if I am waiting for my appointment to show up I pray these mimi prayers again this gets me out of the poor me’s.

As I have grown older I find it harder to fall asleep.  So I lay in bed and imagine that I have crawled into bed with God and once again give him the stuff of the day.  I pray for forgiveness for wanting to kill the telemarketer, or yelling at the other drivers.  I bring people that I have encountered during the day to God’s attention and somehow I fall asleep in the arms of God.  This too helps me to lift up out of the January funk that can so easily hit all of us.

In summary

Spend time in the word

Spend time praying

Spend time praying short prayers all day long

Go to sleep in the arms of God.

January Hearts melt in the blast furnace of God’s love.  Happy January.


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