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What is Life Network?  Life Network is the vision and ministry of Noble and Helen Chelladurai a young couple in our community who want to provide Christian TV to the world.  This couple comes to us via India, and they have a global heart and vision to share the message of Jesus’ love and forgiveness.

Life Network is in the beginning stages where Noble and Helen are very busy putting together content so that you can watch quality Christian TV.  If you were to go to you would be able to listen to Tony Evans preaching from Texas.

Helen and Noble have helped us have a window into what God is doing in Canada with people of every nationality.  He will be recording and live streaming Joel Lazarus Ministries from Toronto.  He has recorded the sermon from our worship gathering on Easter Sunday and I will be supporting Noble and Helen by recording other messages in the future.

Your prayers and encouragement to this young couple are greatly appreciated.  After getting to know Noble and Helen I can tell you that they have a global heart for Christ, which has resulted in this new ministry.  Please take the time to check it out at


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