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Lions In The Bedroom

Every night there are lions in my bedroom!  Yes, lions!  As soon as I lay my head down to rest I hear them roar.

I hear the roar of doubt about the day’s work.  When my life is going well I doubt it will continue.  When I feel loved I doubt I deserve to be loved.  I doubt that the housing market will continue to be strong.  I doubt  anyone cares if I am alive.  I doubt I will be missed if I die.

Some nights the lion of anger comes into my bed to roar. I am angry about something someone has told me, they made me feel very bad about myself.  Someone says that I have gained weight (I have), so I am angry at them for being so insensitive.  I get angry at all the injustice in the world, about getting ripped off by car dealers and all kinds of con artists.  I get angry; I am not smart enough to know better.  I get angry at the cell phone companies because they can’t make their contacts simpler. (I am at the end of my contract and not looking forward having to decide what to do)  I sometimes get angry at my children for being such jerks to my grandkids.

Other times the lion of hatred comes and roars so loud that it frightens me.  I hate apathy in the church and there is a lot of it going around.  I hate then people don’t listen and then want me to fix the mess, they have created.  I hate robot calls just as I am trying to eat dinner.  I hate my spouse some nights, she’s right too often and I just hate it and don’t want to admit it.

Other nights the lion of jealousy comes to roar in my ear.  I am jealous of the success of others.  I am jealous how easy everything is for some people.  I am jealous that I am not skinner.  I am jealous because to get skinner I will have to work really really hard and others never seem to gain an ounce. I don’t drink beer and yet I have a beer belly.  (Life is just not fair)

There are nights when a whole pride of lions shows up. One roars until it gets tired and another takes its place.

Yes lions visit me in the night when I want to sleep.  Lions roar and keep me awake and wake me up at 3 am. I can’t get back to sleep until just before the alarm goes off and then I don’t want to get up.

King David knew the fear of the lions.  The most powerful King of his day, yet he was chased by the same lions that you and I face every night.  Could it be that Presidents, Prime Ministers, movie stars, world famous authors, surgeons and scholars all have lions in their bedrooms?

I have learn to turn the lions over to Jesus and he in turn wraps his loving arms around me.  I feel safe in those arms and then I fall asleep and am refreshed and can face another day.

If you have lions in your bedroom at night you know what it is like and can identify with David.


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