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Living in Grace

I love the way Romans 12:3 is translated as “Living then, as everyone does, in pure grace.”  Everyone lives in pure grace.  The terrorist lives in pure grace.  Not a popular thing to say but it is true.  God could wipe out a terror cell at any moment but his grace allows them to exist.

It is pure grace that gives us the ability to turn the other cheek.  To care for the terrorist.  To give them medical attention, to feed them when they are hungry, to protect them when needed.  Only grace can help us to love the enemy.  Only grace can turn the enemy into our leader as it did with Saul who became Paul.  Once a man who hated all things to do with Jesus he became the greatest missionary ever sharing Christ right up to the highest political office.

Only grace gets us through the day.  Grace saves us from our own mistakes behind the wheel of a car.  Many of us would be dead if it were not for grace.

Only grace, helps us raise children who never seem to listen to us.  Only grace keeps us coming back for more abuse from their lips and from their actions.  Only Grace keeps us from walking away.

Grace keeps us living in a relationship less then ideal.  Grace cares more for the person than for the illusions sold by Hollywood and advertisers.

Only grace will get you through he gossip of people who want to hurt you.

Only grace will keep you living when all desire to live it gone.

Only grace can give you purpose when there seems to be no purpose at all.

Only grace will help you to go to church when it is the church people who have hurt you the most over and over again.  In fact more pain and suffering happens to us from people who call themselves believers than we will ever experience at the hands of a terrorist.  So who is the real terrorist?

Trump lives in grace.

Britain lives in grace.

China lives in grace as does North Korea.

Without grace this world would have been destroyed a long time ago.

Grace is operating in your life right now and we don’t even know what it is keeping us from.  Grace is functioning when we think we have it all together and do not need any help.

From the greatest to the smallest, the most popular to the least popular, to the brightest to the average, front he wealthy to the poor we all live in grace.

Thank you God for your grace.

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