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Looking back to Look Forward

We had our 7 year old grandson last week.  We went to Ottawa, we visited the Museum of Natural History.  What a great place to go.  As a Canadian I was proud of the quality of displays and the vast amount of information available.  Alex loved it too, but like all 7 year olds he did not want to read every information card or listen to every listening station.  And if we had done that we would still be there.  You can’t get through this museum in a day or a week would be my guess.

On our way home Alex wanted to go to  Old Fort Henry.  One of his friends at school had gone to the Fort and told him he should go.  Being grandparents we took him.  I thought we might spend an hour or two then he would be bored and we go home.  To my surprise we spent 4 hours at the Fort.  We watched as they shot off the canon, as Alex learned to march in her Majesty army (he even got a certificate saying he was a member of the military), watched as they fired a Enfield Rifle and went to school in the Fort School house.

We went below ground into the very walls of the Fort and I had to be careful not to bang my head.  We felt the dampness and wonder how people lived like this. We saw the jail cells, the kitchen, the bakery (they still bake bread there), the sleeping quarters and much more.  I loved it Alex loved it and GiGi put up with her boys.

Again I was proud of being a Canadian because here was a fort that was still in working order and exciting to visit.

As we learned about the living conditions and the food these soldiers ate, the long working hours, and the hardships we were grateful for all the blessing we have.  A soldier had to serve 14 years and have two good behaviour strips before they could get permission to marry and bring their wives into the fort.  A soldier signed up for 11 years at a time.  The British loaded the system toward their favour, a man would serve 22 years to be able to marry.

I am so grateful for the rights and freedoms we have as Canadians.  As I look back on the history of Canada and the world and see the hardships, the struggle to just survive I am humbled at how far we have come.  So many times it was the body of Christ who rose up to help the poor and the people.  Christians saw it as a calling of God to become nurses, doctors, and teachers.  Christians build schools and they built hospitals, and colleges and universities.  The church influenced the foundations of our Government.

As we look back on the history of Mankind one great truth jumps out, whenever God went with the people great things happened.  God’s people cared and served and gave up their rights for the good of others.

As I look back on my life I see everytime I walked with God I was blessed.  Every time I failed God picked me up and showed me his love, grace and power.  This Sunday we are going to look back to see how Moses so understood this truth that he prayed that God would go with him or he k knew they would fail.  Join us on Sunday or listen to the sermon on line at graceworksbaptist.com.

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