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Do We Need Labour Day

We live in a world where we don’t learn from history.  Far to many of us have forgotten the struggles of the workers down through history.  Sunday Schools were started by churches for children who had to work 7 days a week for little or no money.  No opportunity to be educated.  No chance of getting out of the cycle of property.  Children who were in the coal mines and the factories who died young and who were often hurt and crippled because there were no safety standards.

I am not a union person, but I appreciate what they have done for all of us.  They fought for fair wages, for overtime, for safety measures, for workers who were fired without cause, they got fair working hours with overtime.

Yet today we still live in a world where children are working in factories that are not safe in countries where the value of a human life is of little value.  Our world is still filled with countries where workers are not safe in the work place.  Wages are not fair.  People are fired without cause.  Working in some places of the world is equal to being a slave.

We live at a time where some want to roll back the clock and return us to a time where the rich treated everyone else like they were slaves.  Unions are being attacked, workers are being abused and companies close before they share the wealth.  All of this is happening in our country.  We hardly notice because it is not happening to us.

More and more companies are letting workers work from home.  That is good and bad.  They are not paying for the lights, or the heat, or the fixing of the roof.  Workers are not being paid more to cover their cost.  I see where because of the cell phone some people never leave work.  People are responsible to respond to an email at 3 in the morning.  They never get through a meal without the ping of an email or a phone call from a boss.  They can’t take a vacation without taking their work phone mandated by the boss.

Women are still not paid a equal wage for equal work.

We need labour day. We need to remember the history of the workers and we need to become uncomfortable with some of the things we see happening all around us.

In 40 years I have never preached about labour day.  This year I have taken on the task of seeing what Jesus had to say about the worker and how they would be treated in his Kingdom.  Join us on Sunday at the Spectator as we see to unpack Matthew 20:1-16

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