Out with the Old and In with the New

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Out with the Old and In with the New

I grew up looking across the river and seeing Joe Louis Arena.  It was the home of the Redwings.  More importantly it was just a short walk from the tunnel for all of us Canadians who wanted to go to a game by bus.

I no longer live in Windsor but am in Michigan and every McDonalds has special cups that say Farewell Season 1979-2017.  Next year the Wings will be in a new arena.  Just one more childhood memory that is ending.

The Oakland Raiders have received permission to leave Oakland and move to Vegas of all places in future.  How can they be the Oakland Raiders if they are in Vegas.  They are the bad boys of the NFL.  Another childhood dream over.

The LA Rams moved to St. Louis and are now moving back where they belong in LA.  Maybe you can go home again.

The double ring of postmodernism is all around us. The old is new again.  We see it in the return to trains or LTR running in our cities to take cars off the road.  We took the rains off the road to make room for the cars 40 years ago.

I grew up hating the organ now young people are fascinated by them and want to hear them.

You would think that the idea of the Beatles would have died by now but new generations are discovering them and want to hear their music.

We got rid of our vinyl records for tapes then CD and then iPods and now they have messed the iPod up and we are going back to the records.  We are looking for a record player to play those old records again.  So are a lot of other people both young and old.  A brand new pressing plant has opened in Oakville to make them for us all.

We got rid of our antennas for cable with he promise of hundreds of channels.  Only to discover it was the same thing over and over again and now we are going back to the antennas.

We (babyboomers) gave up on church.  We stopped going, will the day come when our children or grandchildren will once again look for spiritual communities to help them feed their souls.

Our friends reject the idea of a loving God because they can’t know.  They are indifferent.  They are wonderful people.  We love them truly and enjoy being with them.  But they simply have no noticeable interest in spirituality.  I personally long for an awaking.

There are lots of old ideas I have no interest in but I am interested in people finding there spiritual selfs in a world of pain and sorrow.  I continue to pray for an awakening maybe you will start it!

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