Peace Will It Last?

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Peace Will It Last?

Christmas is a time when wars take a break.  The two sides who are at war agree to not shot each other or bomb each other for a few days.  War, takes a rest, soldiers return home if they can or see their families via video feeds.  Special meals are served to the troops and sometimes they are entertained by singers and comedians.  No one believes it is going to last this peace.  They might like it too last but they know better.

Back home arrest go way down.  Criminals take a break maybe they go home to Turkey diner or to visit their grandma’s.  There is less violence out on the street. One would only wish this could be year round.

Bad marriages, take a break from beating each other up (at least some do).  Just watch a sappy Christmas movie on the Women TV.

There is less traffic on the roads and so there are less people who are killed by other drivers.

Hospital Emergency rooms are less busy, the nuisance sick person takes a break, even sick people don’t want to be in the Hospital over Christmas.  So the only people who do come to the emergency room are those who are really sick.

Teenagers are less miserable.

Christmas breaks the routine of normal life, which is different for all of us.

Christmas can bring healing.

Christmas can bring hope.

Christmas is for lovers of all ages.

Most of all Christmas can bring peace.  Even a little bit of peace is better than none at all.  The world’s peace never last.  But the peace of Christ, we so easily dismiss last a life time in those who choose to follow Jesus.

Wise people from all parts of the world, from all economic levels, from all races, and from all sexual orientations still seek his peace.  None are turned away.  None are disappointed.

May the peace of Christ go before you,

May His peace protect your back,

May His peace walk on your left and right protecting your blind spots.

May His peace be the ground that you walk upon all the days of your life.

Merry Christmas!


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