Everyone prays even those who don’t believe that God exists.  My friends who are atheist admit to praying just in case!  Especially when they have a illness in the family, a loved one going to war, being trapped in a car upside down after an accident. Tragedy tends to make us pray.

Those who have faced flooding in Texas have been told that the nation is praying for them.

People in Florida who faced the Hurricane appreciated prayer.

The people of California who have had their homes burned to the ground by wildfires have been praying and want us to pray for them.

The forest fires of BC this past summer have turned people to prayer.

Driving on the 401 in Toronto makes me pray.

Our daughter living in Turkey makes me pray.

Our grandchildren and our Daughter and Son in Law turn my heart to prayer.  Especially when one of them is being bullied.

Our world leaders scare me and make me pray like I have not for many years.

I must admit that during my 30-50’s prayer was not one of my strong points.  I thought I knew what to do.  How to do it and when to do it.  God just needed to stand back and watch me.  I was going to impress him.  Well I am not as impressed with me as I once was.  My good ideas have come back to bite in me in the backside.  I am tired and out of answers.  I now realize I never had any answers.  So what have I done I turned to praying a lot more and doing a lot less.

Full disclosure is needed here.  I feel guilty most of the time that I have not running around doing things.  I am suffering from a low self image the more I realize who ineffective I have been and the more I need to turn all of my life over to God.  I really don’t let go very easily.

Nehemiah faced a problem so big, so out of his control that all he had was prayer.  He was hundreds of miles from the problem, stuck in a job that could cost him his life if he made a bad request.  He wanted to make a difference in the lives of the Jewish people.  Being able to help them was totally out of his control so he turned to prayer.  He asked God for the impossible.

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