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Quiet Please

Why do the robins and all the other birds start singing at 4 am in the morning.  They sit outside our window and sing and sing.  I am an early riser normally get up at 5 in the morning but 4 is too early even for me.

We want to say to them go back to sleep.  Could it be that they are doing a mating ritual?  I have no idea.  Just be quiet.  The robin who is the worst is a male who has a huge chest, and can he ever sing.

The robin reminds me that I should sing the praise of God’s creation and love.  There are lots of reason for us to sing.

Spring is here even if it did snow in Regina yesterday.

We live in a country of freedom, we have the best of everything, and we have no fear of civil war.

We have our health

We have schools where male and female can be equally educated

We have great roads (if you don’t believe me try the roads in Africa)

We have more than we could ever use

The leafs were exciting!

We experience the love of our families every day

We safely got through yesterday without a car accident or getting really bad news

We can worship anyway we like

Those who have disabilities  are taken care of

I could go on and on.  We have so much to be grateful for and to sing about.  Instead of being quiet we should be waking up the birds with your praise.

Open up your eyes and heart to see all the gifts you have and please don’t be quiet!

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