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Remember Me

It is really hard to forget seeing the Sidney Opera House for the first time.  It truly is a remarkable work of art that is also functional.

Everyone of us has that moment that we will never forget.

I remember where I was when John F. Kennedy was shoot

I remember the day I meet my wife for the first time

I remember my first job like yesterday and still wonder what I was doing

I remember the birth of our first child

I remember the remember the first sermon that I preached which was planned for 30 minutes and took all of ten minutes.  Some wish I would go back there again.

I am sure that you have lots of first time memories.  There are also in all of our lives those people who you will never forget.  They stand out in your soul.

Some of us remember a Teacher

A coach

A pastor

A neighbour

A mail man

A letter carrier

Your first real friend

The kid you sat beside in school

You remember them maybe for the simple reason that they were the first person in that category and you can’t get them out of your head.

I want to be remember.  I want to be remembered by my wife and children as the first to love them.  I want to be remembered by the church I serve as a faithful servant.  I do not want to die and be forgotten.  Yet I know I will be forgotten because I am simply average.  Nothing wrong with average the C’s of the world run the world and without us nothing would ever get done.  Yet all of us hope for something a little more.

I have always been amazed that the God who created the universe would take any notice of me at all.  Yet the one lesson that I am learning over and over again, is he has not forgotten me.  He loves me and his grace is enough.

The girl who was my first kiss I like her to remember me because I was such a good kisser but the fact is someone else has made her forget my kiss because their’s was full of love.

I have determine to stop hoping that people will remember me and now simply ask that God will remember me.  God is the only one capable of remembering me and keeping his promises.

So without fear I ask that he remember me and know he has.  I will never be forgotten in all of eternity and neither will you when you put your trust in Christ.

This Sunday will explore this concept in more detail.  I hope you will join us for our outdoor service.  We are going to have lunch and Jeff and Jessica have opened their pool for a swim.

For more details call 905-906-1703

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