Success: What is it?

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Success: What is it?

Who does not want to be successful?  We all want to feel the warm glow of success.

We want to be successful in marriage.

Parents want to be successful in raising their children to be well behaved and productive people.

Business people want to be successful at making money.

Politicians want to be successful in leading the country that they live in.

Pastor’s want to be successful in leading churches.

How in the world do you define success?

Is it by the amount of money you have?  I don’t know anyone who thinks Trump is successful and he has a lot of money.

Are we successful when we marry the most beautiful person on the planet or the most handsome or the most talented.  This did not seem to work out every well for Tiger Woods who certainly married one of the most beautiful women on the planet nor for her who married one of the most talented and riches.

Are we successful when we reach the top of our social circle of professional lives?

I love the Big Bang Theory.  At first, I would not watch it because it seemed stupid but my wife loved it and bragged about it all the time so I gave it a try and now I never miss a show and often watch reruns over and over again.  I guess this is success.  In our world it qualifies.

The Bible defines success very differently.  It suggest that we are most successful when when we are serving others and making them look good.

The Bible honours anyone who wants the good of others before their own good.  Even those who hold different believes.  The servant of Abraham put his Master’s will before his own.  The soldier who came to Elijah to be healed of leprosy, over and over again those outside the faith who reached out to God were given success because they put others first.  Jesus healed the Roman’s soldiers daughter because of this man’s concern for her and not for himself he put his own career and life on the line to get help for his daughter.

A prayer we can pray is give me success and I hope to teach you how to make that come true.  It is praying not for your own success but for the success of others.

It is clear that God hears those prayers and consistently answers them.  See you Sunday!

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