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My grandson Alex is in love with Spiderman.  We have a lot in common: I was in love with Spiderman when I was his age.  So in one of my creative moments, I made him a door hanger that identifies his room as “Alex and Spiderman’s lair”.  I made it because I love this little man.  I wanted to do something for him that hopefully one day he might remember me by.  I wanted to help him dream big dreams and to imagine the world as a place that is more than one dimensional.

There are lots of killjoys in the church.  They frown on imagination and superheroes like Spiderman.  They say you should not watch Harry Potter or Iron Man because these characters are trying to replace God.

These killjoys have not taken the time to read the Hobbit and the Lord of the Rings; they have not taken the time to read The Tales of Narnia, nor have they ever read Harry Potter. Like most killjoys, they have lots to say about the things they know nothing about.

Every single one of these stories tell me the same truth: that evil exist and that we need a saviour.  We need a saviour that is supernatural.  No ordinary human being is ever going to be able to save the world.  We say it over and over again in our stories and in our myths.  As we deconstruct just about everything in our culture, we have made the heroes into dark characters like us who have no hope. These heroes are hunted by evil they are powerless to deal with.  This is truly sad!

I loved Spiderman, Superman, Batman and Robin, Zero, (there is a name that dates me) the Hulk as a kid. They were positive role models.  The modern movie makers have turned them into something else, which is so sad.

The Bible continues to tell us about the Son of God who loved the world so much that he was willing to die for all of us.  He was supernatural in that he was perfect, he was sinless and he died in our place.  Pretty crazy story isn’t it?  In our heart of hearts we long for this story to be true. We long for this story to be the answer for a world spinning toward destruction.

Well I for one believe it is true!  I have experienced his love and his power in my life and the older that I get the more I realize Jesus is the only true superhero in the world.  All the other heroes point to him.  I hope when Alex has his own children that Spiderman might remind him of his Grandpa and his faith in the greatest superhero of all time.

Have a super week.

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