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Thanksgiving Again

We are almost at our second thanksgiving.  We in Canada celebrate in October but because we live next to our American Cousins we get to be thankful again on Nov 23.  As a child I really did not get why this happened, I now do and have become grateful for it.

Once it was an excuse to watch the Detroit Lions and the Dallas Cowboys play football on that day.  I would skip school or take a half day off work.  Now I don’t care about the football since Detroit does not play Dallas any more nor is it the only Thursday game of the year.  (In my opinion being the only game  made it very special)

I am grateful for two countries that can be so every different in politics, religion, attitude, how we treat others and how we view the world yet we are still peaceful neighbours.  We have this long unprotected boarder between our countries that runs for over a 1000 miles.  Most of it you would hardly notice when you left one country and entered the other.  People respect the boarder with out the enforcement for the most part.

We come to the aid of each other during times of disaster.  Just recently 100’s of Ontario Hydro workers went down to Florida to help fix the power grid.  Forest Fire Fighters move back and forth between the two countries helping to put out fires and save lives.  Planes that had to land in Labrador Newfoundand, found the people to be kind and loving and they open their homes up to complete strangers sharing beds food and song.  They listened to the hurt of those who lost friends and family in 9/11.  Today they are still friends and visit back and forth.  A tragedy turned into love.

I had the privilege of going to school with many American’s during my undergraduate studies in Regina Sask.  Many of the married couples came to study get free health care and have a baby every year while they were here.  Some fell in love with Canada (hard to imagine anyone liking 40 below zero and 100 km winds) yet that is exactly what happened.  I remember how we struggled together to make ends meet and share our food with those who had less than we did.

I grew up in Windsor a boarder town. In many ways I was more American than Canadian.  I never knew there was 5 pin bowling until I went to Regina we always had 10 pin like the US.  I really did not follow the CFL because I had the Detroit Lions, Tiger and Red Wings to follow in Sports.  I listened to American Radio and Television from the time I was little.

I want to wish all of our American Cousins a very blessed Thanksgiving.  I pray for your country regularly, maybe more regularly since you elected Trump.  I am grateful you are our neighbours!  You make it very easy to practice 1 Thessalonians 5:18 In everything give thanks. This is what God wants you to do because of Christ Jesus.

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