The Great Restoration

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The Great Restoration

We are seeing lots of old buildings that are being restored in our city.  Buildings that were once factories, offices or churches and have all become old and run down.  Their beauty was undisputed. The question is, what do you do with these buildings?

People have come up with some amazing solutions to revitalizing old buildings.  The old Spinning Mill in Hamilton is being transformed into places for artists to work and to have art market spaces.  Movies shoots are happening in some of the venues as well.

I was at the Spice Factory this past weekend for a party and that space has become a hall that people can rent for events.  They have done a great job of creating a beautiful space that is functional and desirable.

Around the corner from where I live a person has three old cars that have been fully restored. During the summer he parks them outside so I can admire them and remember the good old days.  My friend Archie who just died had an old Ford Galaxy convertible that he bought right off the assembly line and it is as beautiful as the day it was produced.  One of the longest cars I can remember.

Cars, furniture, buildings, floors, and houses can all be restored.  Many of them are worth doing; some not so much.  Some should be torn down due to personal safety and cost.

There is not one person in the world that isn’t worthy of being restored.  You are the most beautiful creative act of God.  All of us have picked up dings in the parking lot of life, we have been in accidents, we have been hurt by those we love but we are still beautiful in God’s eyes.

No matter what has happened to you God can restore you to total health and beauty.  Join us at the Spectator Auditorium this Sunday as we at a look at Galatians 6:1-6.  The Great Restoration can happen in our lives if we want it to.

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