The Way

The Way

In my reading journey I came upon a statement by a Muslim that I think all who call themselves Christians or followers of Jesus should read:

‘Why don’t Christians follow the way of Jesus?’ a Muslim asked. I was dining with a close friend, a Muslim, when he leaned close and asked that disturbing question. He continued slowly, pensively, ‘When I read the gospel, I am overjoyed. The life and teachings of Jesus are wonderful, wonderful, really, truly wonderful. But please, show me Christians who are willing to follow in the sunna (way) of Jesus.’ We sipped our cardamom spiced tea in reflective silence, and then he continued, ‘I have met a few, very few people who try to follow Jesus. But they follow him only in their private lives. Consequently your American society has become very evil. It seems to me that you Christians really do not believe that the sunna of Jesus is practical. That makes me very sad.’

Challen, E. (2006). Love Your Muslim Neighbour: Understanding Islam in Today’s World (pp. 12–13). Leominster: Day One.

When the world reads the stories of Jesus there is great hope and then they encounter us.  We are arrogant thinking that we are better than they are.  I encountered this at a country fair recently where a Church was handing out material and their attitude was so superior I wanted to throw up. We think we have all the answers.  We think that we have discovered the right and only way of doing things.  Which is so far from the truth.

The teachings of Jesus are “wonderful really truly wonderful. But pleas show me Christians who are willing to follow the sunna (way) of Jesus.

I only wish I could show you those followers.  I rarely encounter them.  Instead I meet believers who are so full of themselves and what they are doing that they miss the hurt and the pain in the community.  The followers of Jesus were the ones who took care of their enemies when they were dying of the plague.  They freely shared their food and homes with those in need.  Today I can’t get church people to show up for  a pot luck.

So to all of who out there who wonder where the true followers of Jesus are I apologize for not being one.  I apologize for being more concerned about programs, about budgets, about numbers of people who showed up this last week and about what the person who sits in the chairs each week thinks than about you.

I will ask Jesus to show me the way of service

The way of sacrifice

The way of dying to self publicly

The way  I might serve you first.

The way is very narrow, it is easy to fall off the way to get distracted from he way but with God’s help I will learn anew the way of Jesus.

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