Thunder and Lighting

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Thunder and Lighting

You always hear the thunder before you see the lightening.  It is the warning before the destruction.  A thunder and lighting storm is a beautiful thing to watch.  It can wake you form a deep sleep.   It causes some dogs to hide under the bed or try to get right up beside your face.   The farther away from the city’s light pollution the more spectator the light show.

Thunder scares dogs and wakes up babies, young children and adults of all ages.  Thunder and lightening are awesome even during the day.  Not as good a show but still awesome.  Still frightening and makes you stop and think.

Lightening is the pretty part but also the most destructive and dangerous part.

Thunder scares us.  Thunder warns us of impending danger.  Thunder wakes us.

I have stood at the window holding a child who is scared but who is amazed by the beauty of a thunderstorm.  Being the father of three children meant that I had one in each arm and one securely attached to my leg who every once in a while would move around the back and hide.

Never in all my days has a thunderstorm caused me to dance.  It might be my baptist roots go deeper than I think.  But I have danced at a lot of weddings, Gail and I have dance on a cruse and at a nice restaurant.

David describes God’s thunder in Psalm 29:9 this way; “God’s thunder sets the oak trees dancing A wild dance, whirling; the pelting rain strips their branches. We fall to our knees—we call out, “Glory!”  Very descriptive of nature and humanity joining together to worship God.

Thunder in this case is not a warning about danger soon to come but about God’s glory soon to be seen.  God’s glory leaves us

with a sense of awe we will never forget

humbles us

shows us how small we are

brings spontaneous shouts of praise

This week we will explore thunder and lightening of God’s glory.  Hope to see you at the Spectator at 10:30

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