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We are in the midst of vacation time.  People going to the cottage or to visit relatives or friends in far away places.  The kids are home from school, there is a more relaxed feeling around the work place.  So off we go.  We get in our cars, airplanes, boats, trains and we leave home to discover Canada.

Some of us will have stay vacations.  We will paint the house or work in the garden or take day trips to near by places.  I know one couple who did a quilting shop hop for their time off.   All local trips with a purpose.

We have had some vacation time in the last few weeks and we will have another week off soon.  It is good for our health and for our minds to take some R&R.  Sometimes it is not good of our spiritual life.  Some of us park our faith during vacation we leave it at the door of the church or in our night side table.  We stop reading the bible.  We don’t worship with others (forgetting that were 2 or 3 are Jesus is in the midst of us) we think that we can act differently after all we are away and what happens on Vacation never needs to be repeated.

Instead of parking your faith during your vacation, why not renew it.  Actively seek to find God in unusual places.

Find him at the beach

Find him on the 400 in bumper to bumper traffic

Find him around the camp fire

Find God while you cast your line in hopes of catching the big one

Actively seek God while in a plane and a train and on a boat (copy Dr. Suez in that line)

I believe during your vacation if you will open your eyes you will find God everywhere and will come back to regular life strong and rested in every aspect of your life.

Seeking God is not hard because he wants to be found.

Vacation can be the time when you find God’s grace in new and exciting ways.

Have a God filled vacation.


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