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Every school in the country has a sign by the front door that says all visitors must report to the office.  In fact my grandchildren school makes you ring a buzzer and you have to talk to the person in the office.  You give your name and why you want in and then you still have to go to the office before you proceed.

Keeps the kids safe.  Means that they don’t call the police on me.  Means I get to pick the grandchildren up and take them out for a snack.

The truth of the matter is we really don’t like visitors.  My grand kids school is down right hostile to visitors.  Most of us don’t just drop in on our friends.  We call first.  I made the mistake of dropping in on a friend, I did not call the car was in the drive way they were home.  So I keep ringing the door bell.  It was not good.  I have never done that again.  Now I call.

When we did not have phones land lines and cell phones.  People were much more open to having company.  A visitor was welcomed and showed the best china and the best food and treated like royality because it might have been awhile since they had last had a visitor.  Especially if you lived on one of the big western farms.

It seems a long time ago but in reality it was not much more than a 100 years ago or less.  When the world had no fast means of communication.

During the Christmas season people would go carolling door to door and where you sang the people where really glad to hear the music and they open the door and sometimes invited you in and gave you hot chocolate.  You could have a lovely visit.  I have lived in Hamilton now for 22 years and never had carollers come to my door.  I love it.  Now people have old fashioned carolling in their homes with apple cider.  It is not better it is just different.

Today we are untrusting of the visitor at the door.  No one wants to get cornered by a Jehovah Witness or a pushy sales person.  Sometimes people refuse to answer their doors.

Maybe this Christmas when the world is full of uncertainty we could make the extra effort to show love and kindness to the visitor at the door.  (You may never see one of these rare creatures) If you prepared your heart to love the visitor at home maybe you will be more loving at work or while you drive.  Love might take the edge off your tempter.  Love can help us to slow down and not become one of those road rage people.

How about treating all the people you encounter this December as if they were visitors who you really want to see.  People who you like to share love with rather than impatience or anger.  You will be happier and so will they.

Have a loving holiday after all God is love and he commands us to love one another even our enemies.

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