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What happened in Vegas

All of us have heard the saying “What happens in Vegas Stays in Vegas.”  It is fun and a little bit naughty and we like the idea of a retreat that is just for us.  Vegas has been there for millions of people to enjoy.  I been to Vegas, I don’t gamble or drink but really enjoyed the strip and the entertainment and the food.  Three is something for everyone in Vegas.

Now what happened in Vegas can’t stay in Vegas.  People around the world feel the pain of the city a city with one of the best school systems in America, a city were it was ok to drink on the streets between the casinos.  A city of some great churches and lots of great entertainment.  Shaina Twain, and lots of others have help us forget about the daily struggles of life.

What happened in Vegas can’t stay there because we know someone out there is already planning to do something every similar some where in the world.  It might be in Hamilton or Edmonton or London England or Japan.  The world is full of people who are unbalance and have access to weapons and it will happen again and again.

What happened in Vegas should change the law makers view on allowing these kinds of weapons to be silenced

What happened in Vegas should change the law makers view on who can buy these guns

What happened in Vegas should wake us all up to the pain and the suffering of millions of people who have mental issues with no support.

What happened in Vegas showed us how good people can be.  Hundred of people stood in lines in the hot sun to give blood.

People protect others with their bodies.

People load the injuries in their cars and trucks and took them to the hospital.

Strangers held the hand of those who were injured and suffering so they were not alone when they died.

What happened in Vegas can’t stay in Vegas the compassion must grow.

The love for others must grow.

The self sacrifice must grow (one of the qualities that has made America great but somehow we lost it).

What happened in Vegas is a tragedy and a triumph that I pray will never be repeat anywhere else in the world.

What happened in Vegas is I hope we all woke up to how indifferent we have become.  What happened in Vegas I hope will raise up real leaders who care and who will sacrifice themselves to exercise some common sense.

Let’s not waste what happen in Vegas!

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