Sunday February 21 – Day 5 – Prayer for the 1st Sunday in Lent

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Sunday February 21 – Day 5 – Prayer for the First Sunday in Lent

Heavenly Father,

At the official start of this new week, we return to You.

We return to Our First Love, Jesus, who made the ultimate sacrifice for us, at just the right time in history.

We thank You for your Son, and His gift of everlasting life.

We are hungry for You.

We have been in the wilderness, thanks to COVID-19, and our worlds have been turned upside down.

May Your word be imprinted on our hearts during this new week, that we would have the strength and courage to meet all of the challenges we will face.

May we honour the widow and the orphan, the single Dad and the child who has no one to trust in anymore.

May we honour our city and those who live in it. May we be committed to a world that does not know You, or want to know You, and yet are struggling without You.

May we delight in You, not test You.

May You delight in us, oh Lord!

May we offer up every thought, every idea, every creative expression to You, Lord.

Holy Spirit, move among us and show us the things we need to see. Move our hearts closer and closer to Jesus.

We are Your children. Move in us and make us whole as we journey through this season of Lent.

May we rest in Your love.

In Jesus’ beautiful name, we pray, Amen.

See you tomorrow, church! 🙂

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