Tuesday February 23 – Day 7 – LET MY LOVE OPEN THE DOOR

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Tuesday February 23 – Day 7 – LET MY LOVE OPEN THE DOOR

“20 Here I am! I stand at the door and knock. If anyone hears my voice and opens the door, I will come in and eat with that person, and they with me.” – Revelation 3:20 (NIV)

As a musician, there are certain songs that I play that are an integral part of who I am.  I have loved them for years before as songs that have been part of the soundtrack of my life.  When you love a song so much, you want to learn it to see what makes it “tick”.  For me, one of those songs is “Let My Love Open The Door” by Pete Townshend.  It seems that when I do play that song live, it gets a very good response.  Part of that I believe is because the performer emotes his love of the song and it becomes infectious for the audience.

“Let My Love Open The Door…To Your Heart”

On our pizza nights, when Riley was young, he was so happy to see the pizza delivery guy at the front door that he would give him a hug.  To this day he still loves pizza, but he no longer hugs the delivery guy.

Remember our reality before COVID-19 hit?  If there was a knock at the door, most of us would check and see who was at the door, and then greet the person.  Now during COVID-19, we experience contactless delivery so that when we hear the knock we don’t respond right away.  We then open the door minutes later and see our package at the door, with the delivery person in their truck or already on the road.  The only acceptance we get of our interaction is an email confirming that our parcel has been delivered.  No human interaction.  The delivery person is doing their job and is on their way.

What happened if your Intelcom delivery person ACTUALLY came in the house and joined you for dinner?  What if one of your children gave the person a huge hug because they were happy to see you?  Apart from worrying about social distancing issues, it would be a very unorthodox and unexpected dinner!

In chapter 3 of Revelation, it follows Jesus’ message to the angel of the church in Laodicea.  If you remember, the church was not seen as cold nor hot, and was considered luke-warm.  God reminds us that the WORST thing we can be is lukewarm to Him.  Jesus reminds Laodicea that they are “wretched, pitiful, poor, blind and naked” and that they are in need of repentance.

Repentance = “Return to Me”

What if, during the pandemic, Jesus was the one knocking on your door, shouting “Here I am!”.

Would we answer the door?

Or would we be afraid to see Him face to face?

Would we feel like the church in Laodecia who had everything they needed to SURVIVE, but didn’t have what the needed to truly LIVE?

Jesus invites us relationally as the Son of God into a lifelong journey of faith. He is willing to make the first move.

All we need to do is open the door.

“Let My Love Open The Door…To Your Heart”

Now when I perform this Pete Townshend song, I can’t help but hear Revelation 3:20 at the same time and smile.

We have a God who loves us so much that He desires a real relationship with us.  He is knocking.

He wishes to dine with us – one of the most intimate functions of trust and honour – to share a meal with someone.  Jesus reminds us that it is a reciprocal relationship:  “I will come in and eat with that person, and they with me.”

During this season of Lent, will we accept this invitation to allow Jesus into our homes and into our lives?

Will we ANSWER the door, or will we continue with our lives thinking that we have all that we need?

For me, I want to respond to Jesus the way Riley responded to the pizza delivery man.  I would want to run up and hug Him. I would want to thank Him. I would be honoured that He chose MY door to knock on.

“Let My Love Open The Door…To Your Heart”

May we make more room in our hearts for Jesus this Lenten season, and may we continue to share this invitation with others.  Don’t be afraid to open the door.

Have an amazing Tuesday, church!


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