Saturday February 27 – Day 11 – THIRSTY

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Saturday February 27 – Day 11 – THIRSTY

“1As a deer gets thirsty
    for streams of water,
    I truly am thirsty
    for you, my God.
2 In my heart, I am thirsty
for you, the living God.
    When will I see your face?” – Psalm 42:1-2 (CEV)

When I was a music teacher at a Christian high school in my former professional life, I played bass guitar in a student run praise team led by one of my colleagues who led the choir, Jane Roxburgh.  One of the songs that we sang – as did the entire global church – was “As the Deer”.  Like most of you, I have become so sick of this song that there is no way I think I could ever use it in a worship gathering (service) again.  It has lost it’s power to draw me into worship.

But I do know what it means to be thirsty.

Thirst can overwhelm you. It can make you focus on NOTHING else but water.

During the pandemic, we have thirsted for many things this year:

•  the need to be with others
•  the need to worship together as a community
•  the need to have normalcy during our daily lives
•  the need to feel safe and protected
•  the need to not stand in line for our groceries
•  the need to never ever wear a mask EVER again 🙂

But during this time, how many of us have thirsted for God?

Some of us have found that COVID-19 has given us the opportunity to take the time to read God’s word, to pray, to meditate, and to study so it HAS been a time to renew and refresh.  For others, your work has not stopped and in fact, you may have had more demands placed on you.  You have not had a rest and in fact, you are burned out from exhaustion.  For you, you thirst for a sabbath rest.

Lent is about understanding the existence of temptation, depravity and emptiness all happening at once.  We lay each and every one of these things at the foot of the Cross, asking Jesus to sojourn with us once again in the wilderness.

I used to love watching my beagle Sophie drink water.  She was not a refined creature in that respect.  When she drank water, she could leave quite a mess around her bowl. In fact when she ate her dry food, she would eat a bite and then take off, dropping kibble around her bowl and all along the kitchen floor.  When you watched her drink, you could see she was very thirsty.  I miss that sound.

Depending on your experience this past year, whether you have had the time to drink or you are dehydrated spiritually, we all need to come to the Living Water during these 40 days on a daily basis.  Just as our bodies will begin to falter if we do not have enough fluids, so our spiritual lives will suffer without making time to drink in Jesus.

If you have been tempted, ask for forgiveness and drink the Living Water.

If you have felt evil working all around you and affecting your spiritual heart, Come to the Water and rest.

If you have nothing left to give and you are spiritually dehydrated, refuel and refresh.

Know that God desires a pause for you…a moment of sabbath rest. If you have not been able to take one during the pandemic, I pray that you will speak to your employer about taking some time off. We all need time to do absolutely nothing but Be Still and Know…

Be Still and Know that God is there for you…and always will be.

If you come thirsty, know that He has enough to satisfy you.

Over this weekend, my prayer is that you will find the most beautiful and breathtaking streams to quench your thirst and to give you rest. Only then can we find the strength to follow God on this journey from the wilderness to the Cross.

In my heart, I am thirsty for you, the living God.

May you be able to meditate on these words this weekend and may you draw closer to God as you drink. See you tomorrow for a time of worship together at 10:30 a.m.

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