Sunday March 14 – Day 26 – Prayer for the Fourth Sunday in Lent

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Sunday March 14 – Day 26 – Prayer for the Fourth Sunday in Lent

Creator and perfect One,

We are hungry yet we are not willing to give up our relationship with you for some earthly benefit.

You desire a BIG life for us, filled with our passions and our dreams, that brings You honour and glory.

You invite us to be a part of this amazing journey, and all we need to do is accept the blessing. Help us to receive You with open arms and open hearts.

May Your unfailing love get us through the challenges of this Lenten season, and through the pandemic. As we wait, you are doing a new work in us, and we give You thanks.

May we worship You and let go of the circumstances that cause us to sin.

God, fill us with Your spirit.

Take our negative thoughts as we leave them at the foot of the Cross. We wait in hope for You to make us new.

Forgive us, Lord, and reassure us that You have forgiven us fully.

Soften our hearts so that we can forgive others and let go of the pain and hurt we have been holding on to for so long.

Hear us, Lord. Don’t be silent when we come to You earnestly and honestly.

Open our ears, Lord, so that we may hear You today. Your still small voice resonating in our hearts.

Let us cast all of our anxieties on You because You truly care for us. You have shown us how much You love us time and time again – help us never to forget this truth.

Let us know the plans that You have for us, the plans that will help us to prosper and to bring eternal hope. Our future is in Your hands, O Lord!

How You love us! You are amazing, O Lord! Be ever so near to us when we call on You.

Increase our joy, Jesus, as we remember the sacrifice You made for us. May we share this joy with everyone we meet.

We ask all of these things in the beautiful and loving name of Jesus,


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