Sunday March 21 – Day 33 – Prayer for the Fifth Sunday in Lent

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Sunday March 21 – Day 33 – Prayer for the Fifth Sunday in Lent

Dear Lord,

This week has been difficult.  It has challenged us to our cores, and yet You still desire that we fight for our joy.  We ask that You would give us the desires of our hearts and that our plans would succeed.  May we celebrate with joy the things You have done for us, and the ways You have shown Your power and might.

Show us what it means to pick up our crosses and follow You.

May we surrender everything, day by day, to You for You are the Holy One, the Prince of Peace, the King of Heaven.

Forgive us for the times we have sinned this week. Help us to move forward from our sins.

Help us to get our eyes off of ourselves and focused completely on You.

Let us be honest with You, so that our relationship can be real and significant.

Heal and transform our hearts so that we don’t get stuck on rules and regulations.

Help us to live justly.

Help us to walk humbly.

Help us to live in obedience to You, O Lord.

May our actions please You, and may our lives be a fragrant perfume.

May the impossible be made possible through Your Holy Spirit.

Make us healthy.

Make us well.

Make us a hopeful people as you begin to transform us into the holy people you desire.

Thank You, Lord, for making a way for us, for loving us, and for understanding us.  May our lives and actions honour You and bring You glory this coming week.

For we ask and pray all of these things in the precious name of Jesus,


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